Powerful digital content solutions; Digital transformation; Intelligent information management; Expert sourcing; 
Service provision with impact.

The best content in the world is worthless if no one sees it. We will reinforce social media, press/blogger outreach and advertising skills to get your message across in a world of almost limitless content. We will also promote your message more effectively through anticipated content, where our skills in analytics predict and identify trending topics, allowing us to prepare content in time to ‘catch the wave’. We will make sure you engage creatively and authentically on social media; create infographics, animations and animated gifs, short-form video, slide-casts, podcasts and films; be able to spot and then tell stories through data.

Many of our clients are still getting to grips with the replacement of the PC by the mobile phone and tablet, requiring responsive web design and mobile apps. New platform technologies have been emerging and the mobile web access has exploded, enabling the creation of innovative human-computer interactions that make information more usable, useful and desirable. Screens are now the main way of interacting with the content, and responsive web design is the new approach to keep up with the diversifying screen sizes. We will help you access these new technologies, design and develop highly usable solutions and captivate your audiences by delivering optimal user experience. 

Our experience of over 25 years and more than 100 successful bids for EU-funded projects is at your disposal. Consortium building, proposal writing, competitive pricing, effective negotiation with prospective partners before and after winning new contracts, will give your organisation the competitive advantage in the lucrative business of providing services to  EU institutions.  We have access to vast networks of experts with niche skills and experience in H2020 projects, R&D, eLearning, eGovernment services, communication strategy and digital transformation. And we will ensure their exclusive engagement with your organisation through the process of winning and running successful and profitable contracts for the EU Institutions. 

We will select suitable personnel with experience in EU-funded projects in the key areas of eLearning, eGovernment, digital communications, social media and digital transformation. The flexibility of engaging such personnel on a short, or long-term basis, can help you kick-start, set-up and run your projects with the highest caliber of experienced professionals at your disposal, when and for as long as you require them. They will provide you with deep knowledge of managing EU contracts and specialisation in complex technical projects, providing you with a competitive edge in digital services.



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